Monday, December 31, 2012

2010: Protesting Outside The Embassy of the Slovak Republic

When I photograph an event I try to capture the spirit of the event and I do my best to capture images of those who attend as well as photos of the organizers.

Video at:

Today (03/03/2010) Slovakian nationals organized a good humored protest outside their embassy on Clyde road. The purposes of the rally was to protest against corruption in Slovakian politics.

Initially the organizers were disappointed by the low turn out but they need not have worried as many people did eventually arrive. Clyde Road is not easy to find (if you do not know your way around Ballsbridge) so I am assuming that many had difficulty finding the Embassy.

Clyde Road runs from Wellington Place to a junction with Pembroke Road and Herbert Park in Ballsbridge. It intersects Raglan Road, Elgin Road and Wellington Road. It is named after Colin Campbell, 1st Baron Clyde (1792–1863), a Scottish soldier who fought in India during the Indian mutiny in 1857.

This was a good opportunity to try out my new Sony NEX-7. This camera allows me to capture high quality video as well as still photographs however in video mode the camera overheated after about two minutes this surprised me as I did not have this problem with the NEX-5.

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